Ver 3.3.6 troubles in the campaign's page and uploading images


We are currently experiencing the following behavior with “phplist ver 3.3.6”.

When trying to leave the campaign’s page, a pop up message will always appear warning the user that leaving this page will not save the changes which have been made to the campaign. Even though there were no changes added to the Page. But that seems to be OK since 3.3.2. Right ?

Another issue that we are having when we are trying to insert an image to the “Compose Message” box:
If we choose to upload the image to the server using the upload tab and specifying the image path and pressing the “send to server button” we get the following pop up message:

“Incorrect server response” with the ability to press ok. In addition the first tab which should have the URL of the uploaded file is empty. It should not, or? Is this different behavior dependent on the changes in 3.3.2?

We could tell that the image that we tried to upload was uploaded to the server by browsing the server using the “image insert” again and the “image info” tab then “Browse the server” button.
There we could find the image. Double clicking that image will insert to massage box.

After inserting the image to a “draft campaign” and doing some changes, clicking “Save as a draft” button will also pop up a confirmation message (Leaving page: Changes that you made may not be saved). That should not happen. Instead the page should be closed.

We already tried different browsers but that didn’t seem to change any behavior.

If anyone else is getting these messages and/or aware of any fix/workaround please let me know; would highly appreciate it.


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Have the same issues, did upgrade from 3.3.5 to 3.3.6

@billy77 Thanks for reporting

@wuschelbob95 Which issue do you share? The image uploading or the warning popup?

I have the issue (1) pic upload with popup “Falsche Antwort vom Server” which is “Wrong answer from Server” :roll_eyes:
and (2) the effect, that in the template message of my campaign the header picture isn’t shown any more.
I can see it on the server and try to include the pic in the editor, but it is shown with the red cross as not found…
any help appreciated :slight_smile:

EDIT: I just found out , -> (2) that the new created DIR “uploadedimages” had rights 744 instead of 755. now the image is shown in template .
btw. (1) the image is uploaded, even the error message comes still. so the function of the upload is ok but the message shows up - it should say OK :thinking:

@wuschelbob95 Please can you confirm which editor you are using. On the Manage Plugins page which plugin is enabled?

@duncanc CKEditorPlugin
Tried the original editor now, but there is an issue also:
The picture upload does not react, and the way via the picture - server -add file
gives a n error message like shown in the attached screenshot

@wuschelbob95 Have you tried using the Browse Server button on the Image Info tab, then use the upload menu item, instead of the Upload tab?

@wuschelbob95 @billy77 the problem about “incorrect server response” seems to be caused by changing the version of ckeditor that is loaded. The version is now 4.10.1 but in the previous release of phplist the ckeditor version was 4.5.7. I can repeat the problem now.

You can try using the “browse server” button on the File Info tab, then upload from there. That works for me. Or you can revert to the earlier release of ckeditor by changing the field on the Settings page

@wuschelbob95 @billy77 I have made a change to the ckeditor plugin that I think solves the problem.

You can upgrade to the new release of the CKEditor Plugin on the Manage Plugins page using the plugin package URL

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@duncanc That’s brilliant, thanks