Valid emails are being marked as invalid on import

Hi all,

I have my list of emails first being run through an email verification filter to minimize bounces. I even go through periodically and export all of my old verifieds to make sure they’re still valid before sending to them. I know that PHP list has a first pass filter that detects if an email is valid or not. I’m assuming it just goes through the RFC standards of what an email address is supposed to look like. A couple of questions:

  1. Is there a way to add parameters to that filter: Say, “if” mark as invalid or blacklist
  2. I imported a couple of lists as CSV that were formatted as "" with the quotes in the CSV. But one of the files I’m importing continues to mark all emails as invalid, even though they follow the same format and on the preview import screen appear without quotes. Anyone seen this yet?

@synapse I don’t think that you can alter the way that import validates email addresses. Possibly find those after the import and use a bulk operation to mark them as blacklisted.

I didn’t think so either, but it was good to check if there was a way to modify that filter. I was hoping someone knew of an extension that did this. I use a 3rd party program to scrub and validate emails before even bringing them into PHP list to keep the bounces down as much as possible. My own customers that visit our site will put in bogus email addresses upon registration, so we have to eliminate those so that they don’t bounce. Being able to put in a filter to say, “exclude:” or whatever parameter you’d like is a pretty good idea.