Utilizing the schedule emails

Hi everyone,
I’m using a self-hosted phplist and we have a huge subscribers list and we send schedule campaigns to them.
Is there a way to send the emails as batches since sending a large number of emails may slow the performance.

Thanks in advance

@thekraalowais You should use batch processing with a periodic cron job to initiate the processqueue page.
This is explained in the online manual

I just very recently wrote my own solution to a very similar problem using PHP and MySQL.
Essentially: cron job runs a script at a set interval, that script checks the database for pending jobs, runs them, and deletes the jobs.

This is simply what I needed to do, but it could be modified to work for time intervals.
I wrote a separate PHP script that runs the actual job (a newsletter system) to make this automation a bit more useful. That is, I can run whatever command I want from it, I accomplish this by storing the name of the actual command and its arguments in the automator script.

exec("~/scripts/{$row['command']} {$row['args']}");

allows me to store arguments to the database to make my newsletter script more useful. You use the array $argv to grab the arguments, $argv[0] is the script name the the arguments follow in order.