Using the date plugin in a hyperlink problem

Hi all:

Using the date plugin as follows:

Click Here for [TODAY:m/d/Y].

The first plugin fails (in the CLICK HERE link). The second one works. I am assuming that the first one is still in the quotes and causing the problem. Any way around this?

Nobody knows this one?

@square1 This might be caused by a bug in the plugin that stops more than one placeholder being used. If you remove the second placeholder then can you confirm that the URL contains the date correctly?

I have just submitted a fix for that problem to the plugin developer, see

Also, how are you creating the campaign? It is possible that the [ and ] characters are being encoded as %5B and %5D. Can you view the source of your email to see whether that is the case?

With a single placeholder, yes, all is fine. I will look out for the update. Thank you!

The code is NOT appearing as %5B etc.

@square1 You should be able to update the plugin using my branch of the plugin. Just copy this into the package URL field on the Manage Plugins page

You can then update again once a new version is released.