Using subscriber commands can potentially up spam count

Hello. When using the Subscriber Commands to resend confirmation request, phplist will process the request immediately. There appears no way - at least that I can find - to schedule the send.

Note that whenever sending emails via phplist immediately (using “process” button or otherwise), the X-PHP-Script header in the received email will always reveal the sending computer’s ip address such as xxxxxxxx for

If that’s a home ip address or something other than your email server ip address, you may get your home ip address flagged as a spammer. This happened to me with Spectrum and it took months to clear along with many personal and business emails going to correspondent’s spam folder or not arriving at all. I believe since the server ip address is also included in the sending headers, it could possibly also up the spam count on your server.

By not having the home/office IP address included in the headers of sent emails, this will do A) save the reputation of your home/office IP because commercial providers like Verizon, Comcast, Spectrum will flag you as a rogue spam bot, which you are not and B) keep your actual mail server from also being flagged in this fashion.

Is there someway to schedule subscriber commands rather than sending immediately? I’ve noticed that scheduled sends do not contain the home/office IP address of received campaign emails, which is important for keeping your legitimate email server off spam lists.

@pancakehollow The confirmation requests are sent immediately. That is the approach that core phplist used, before that function was removed. I suggest that you send requests only for small numbers of subscribers to avoid the sort of problem that you described.

If you do have a large number of subscribers who have not confirmed their subscription then you could use the Invite plugin. That sends a campaign so will be sent with the same scheduling as any other campaign.

SOLVED: Thanks Duncan!