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Using smtp2go with PHPList


@MsKazza I have found the API documentation here and it looks to be straightforward to implement a new plugin based on one of my other ones.

I will need to take a closer look then I can let you know how much it might cost. That probably won’t be until Monday as I am now away for a few days.

The plugins require phplist 3.3.1. If you are not using the latest release are you able to upgrade?


i’m fairly sure am using the latest i only downloaded again last week to reinstall. Monday great, np, look forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:


I am using server smtp about 30K relays every months. The latest version of phplist 3.3.3 doesn’t seems to give much issues with the integrations of external smtp and the self-hosted phplist. All you need to do is to look at phpmailer and replace the line where localhost is called out.