Use custom thank you page and confirmation page : how?


I created a custom subscribe page (subscribe-newsletter.php), and it works perfectly.
When the user fills the form and clicks on the subscribe button, he is redirected to a “thank you” page.
I know that I can customize it inside PHPlist but customization is fairly limited and I would like to create my own “thank you page” with my entire design. How can I do to redirect the newly subscribed user to my OWN thank you page named “thankyou.php” ??

And if the user click on the confirmation link received by email, he is redirected to a “confirmation page” which displays the lists he subscribed to. Here too, I would like to redirect to my own confirmation page, named “final.php”. How can I do this ??

I did not found (yet) these informations in the doc nor in the forum.

Could you help me, please ?

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ps. I’m using PHPList 3.0.12.


You can change a lot of things in Config > Settings, I think the text and things, but I don’t think you can change that page. I guess this is something a more advanced user pay be able to answer. Wait around and somone will turn up I am sure :slight_smile:


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Thank you for your message… I would like to change the page displayed when the confirmation page ("?p=confirm&uid=…") is loaded (after having confirmed the inscription) and I did not found how to do this…

Could somebody help me, please ?

Thanks !


The best way would be via .htaccess modification.
Reroute the URI Match to your custom page.
Of course, your custom page would require a significant amount of PHP/MySql in order to perform correctly.

Yes indeed, @trucmuche2005 - you can edit the text of the welcome email, that might be the best thing to do, rather than all this complexity. Also, when the API is finished (soon) you could just bypass the formal sign up process, that would also be simpler.

Well. I finally wrote a custom subscription form using jquery, ajax post and ?p=asubscribe url. It was a bit tricky due to the crossDomain request but I managed to do this :slight_smile:
Thanks !

Thanks, why not blog about it at so others can learn how to do it too :smiley:

@trucmuche2005 This topic has been discussed &solved. Follow below link;

You can design your own thank you page using css or html, it’s way easier this way, go for html ext. thankyou.html with your own design.

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Hi all! I’m trying to do this too… there SEEMS to be a really simple hack which I’ve been trying:

I just find the confirmation page section in lists/index.php - and in the section where it defines what gets output to the browser (around line 726 in function confirmPage()

$res = '<title>'.$GLOBALS['strConfirmTitle'].'</title>';
$res .= $GLOBALS['pagedata']['header'];
$res .= '<h3>'.$info.'</h3>';
$res .= $html;
$res .= '<p>'.$GLOBALS['PoweredBy'].'</p>';
$res .= $GLOBALS['pagedata']['footer'];

I ADDED a redirect:

$res .= header("Location:");

So - that works, in that the page indeed redirects. But for some reason, it doesn’t send the confirmation email. And that I cannot figure out. I would have thought that work is already done by the time this function gets to this point. As in the line, earlier (line 707):smile:

        sendMail($userdata['email'], getConfig("confirmationsubject:$id"), $confirmationmessage, system_messageheaders(), $envelope);

So my current quandry - why would it not send that email just because the page has a redirect header?

hmmmmmmm… :slight_smile:

uhm. update. yes it does send the email now. what? ok well clearly there was something on my end happening.

so - see above for a little confirmation page hack :wink: lol

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