UPRADE to 3.3.8 from 3.3.7

Click on Uprade and am presented with this screen:

No idea what to do or what the problem is, etc etc… so can not upgrade to 3.3.8

@sunriseal It looks like you have a copy of config.php somewhere, you should move it outside of the phplist installation directory.

I am sure I have config.php “somewhere” on my computer BUT you say I “should move it outside the PHPlist installation directory”… I have not downloaded anything… using the automated installation for the first time…

I am confused, totally!


@sunriseal I meant that you have a copy of config.php within the “lists” directory, if that is where you have installed phplist.

Duncan, the config.php has to be in the lists/config directory and when upgrading manually I always move it somewhere else and restore it after the installation is completed. It was my understanding that this NEW upgrade function was to be an automated option… I guess that is no longer the case as it requires at least 2 manual steps.

At the very least the developers need to be a little more “wordy” with their “error” messages like “config.php found in lists/config. Move that file somewhere else to continue (or restart the upgrade process)”

I think I will go the manual route… don’t trust this new option!.
Thanks for your assistance


@sunriseal The error message seems to say that there is a config.php file in the “lists” directory itself. Is that the case?
The config.php file in the config directory is expected to be there.

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The config.php file is expected to be inside config directory and the config folder is not overwritten during an update, so no config setting is changed or lost.

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Well I’ll be darned… there is one in the lists root directory… been there forever… an explicit error message to that effect would be helpful…

Will re-named that file and will try the upgrade again…

OK, renamed the stray config.php file and got this error…

Updater is loading.
The following files are not expected or are required:

A little ridiculous…

OK, it WAS/IS in the config directory…

Nice to know that that directory is NOT overwritten…

Guess I need to upgrade my crystal ball :grinning:

The reason why you see that message is that the automatic updater checks if the phpList required directories/files are in place and if there is something not expected such as myscript.php, it will tell the user that “Hey, this file is not expected”, so they can move it somewhere else: in a directory such as config which is not overwritten or somewhere outside lists directory. This check prevents the automatic updater from deleting it etc.

For more information: https://github.com/phpList/Updater/blob/master/README.md