Uploading Picture File in Content causing crash

I’m using the latest release 3.3.5 on a VPS standard stack server.

When I went to create a campaign I tried to include a picture in the content. When I uploaded to the server phplist stopped and I can’t get back into it. All I get depending upon the browser used is the two pictures below. (Okay I’ve only put in the one picture, because I’m a new person and it won’t allow the other. The other looks like the php of the index file but displayed as simple html text.) One time I tried reuploading the entire program and that got me back it. One time I opened a “private” tab and it got be back in. But this time nothing is working. Would anyone have any idea what I’ve broken and how to fix it? I’m not sure what that config file missing error means, as it is there.

It looks like a permission or other access problem relating to your phpList config file. It’s strange that phpList has no trouble with this until you upload an image. That could be because the library called ckfinder which is used for handling image uploads in the editor has different access rights to your config file than the rest of phpList, but I don’t see why that would be the case. Try searching for issues relating to config.php permissions with ckfinder or ckeditor.

Thank you for the response. I think I figured it out. While the config.php file in the admin directory had the correct place. The config-settings-ckeditor boxes in the main program, which I had never altered, had two lines that might have been causing the problem. “File System Path to Upload Directory” I blanked out. (Which is even says it should probably be blank). “Name of image subdirectory of the file upload directory” had a different name which I made the same. I think that either the conflict, or these overriding, is what caused the problem. Of course I haven’t tried uploading to the server again from within the editor. I’ve just been using on FTP and the link.

Nice detective work – when you test it, please let us know if it worked!

If you changed the config setting for “file system path to upload directory” incorrectly then I guess it is possible that something bad may have happened. But you should only have changed that from the initial empty value if you had a problem with the directory not being found.

Having the phplist index.php file being presented as an html file instead of being run as a php file, which is what your screen shot appears to show, suggests that the web server is misconfigured.