Upgrading to PHPLIST 3-2-4

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
PHP Version 5.3.10-1ubuntu3.21

Today I upgraded and after upgrading I cant access my documents in my document folder

url www.cardinalodessa.com/newsletter/documents

error message:
Cannot connect to database, access denied. Please check your configuration or contact the administrator.

I’m lost the web pages in my document folder have nothing to do with database.


Thank you

you might want to put a .htaccess file in your /documents directory.

Probably what it is going on is that the .htaccess file in the phplist directory (which in your case is called ‘newsletter’) is preventing you from accessing the subdirectory (‘documents’).

Your options would be to move the /documents directory out of the phplist installation directory (which will be useful when you eventually upgrade the software installation), OR… put the .htaccess file in the documents directory to allow you to access the files in that directory.

I would strongly suggest moving the documents directory out of the phplist installation.