Upgraded to 3.2.4 can't send a campaign

We upgraded from an older release, I think 2.10.19 to 3.2.4.

I added a campaign template but some admin functions when completed result in taking me to our 404 Error Page.

One example is “Start A New Campaign”. No content tab shows up just 404 error. The URL it’s trying to go to in part is:


@MetalExpressRadio It looks as if you have installed phplist in a directory different to “/lists”. In that case you will need to check your config file for


and also various URLs on the Settings page might also need changing.


That help methinks. I did not see any bad URLs in SETTINGS. Still think I have a /lists reference cached or needs to be changed somewhere else.


What is the actual directory you are using for your phpList installation?

Note, as Duncan says, phpList expects to find itself in the domain root lists directory, if you use a different directory you must tell it the new location by adding $pageroot = “actual/path/”; in your config/config.php file