Upgrade - not working - which upgrade path


I am using v3.0.11 and decided to take the time to upgrade today. I am upgrading to v3.2.4

I looked for the instructions on how to do it, but I have not suceeded.

I seem to have found 2 different ways to upgrade.

1 https://www.phplist.org/download-phplist/

This seems to says erase all files with in phplist directory, and replace with updated version.

2 https://www.phplist.org/manual/ch031_upgrading.xhtml

This seems to say only upgrade the files with in the public_html folder.

I did repalce the config.php file once upgrades were done.

I did both and neither works.

Any pointers as to my errors?



I believe you are mis-reading the instructions as both say the same thing.
Link 1 says nothing about erasing files, simply upload the new version over the old version.
Link 2 goes into a little more detail and says to upload the new version contained within the public_html/lists folder/directory over the existing /lists directory on your server.

To re-cap, simply save your original lists/config/config.php file, upload the contents of the lists directory within the download archive file over your existing server based lists directory, then restore the saved config.php file.
Then confirm the upgrade link by logging in as phpList admin.

If this is not happening for you, what result do you get or see when you try?

S, if I understand you correctly, I take all the files from the upgrade package, and I upload them all into the current phplist folder?

I did this, and all is says when I click on the upgrade option, is that my database 3.0.11 is already up to date.



That is correct.

What directory is your original phpList install in please? Sounds like you haven’t uploaded the new files to the same directory/folder that your original phpList installation is in.