Upgrade from 3.0.12 to 3.2.3 discrepancy

Hi, I have php list 3.0.12 and on the Dashboard I am informed that I should upgrade to 3.2.3. So I downloaded 3.2.3 and copied the files to my existing 3.0.12 installation. However when I click to the “upgrade phplist” page I am told that my database 3.0.12 is the current version and up to date and there is no upgrade option available.

I am on Centos and PHP v5.3

Also on the upgrade page I see “Please edit your config file and change “mysql.inc” to “mysqli.inc” to avoid future PHP incompatibility”. However when I make this change the phplist fails to load…

Thank you for your help…


phpList 3.2.3 requires PHP version 5.5 to work correctly. If your server does not offer mysqli then you’ll need to change that back to mysql.

Ok. Thanks for the reply. easy enough.

BTW, the descrepancy between the Dashboard and the Upgrade page exists even if I don’t download the latest version. That is, Dashboard says I need to upgrade and Upgrade page says I am up to date… Why the difference?


What exactly happens? Might you have accidently missed the ; or a quote off the line?

I assume the Dashboard says upgrade to latest version, and if your upgrade page says up to date, have you overwritten your older installation yet?