Upgrade for idiots - help please

Hi, I’m in need of help! I’ve been using phplist for the last couple of years - my boss installed it for me to use. However now it needs to be upgraded and sadly my boss passed away in August and so I have no idea how to upgrade it. I have read through all the instructions however I am not really trained in computer technicalities so don’t have much of a clue how to do it - can anyone help me, please? Thank you Cressida

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Which step of the documented upgrade options is failing for you?

  • Backup your database - no idea where to find this nor how to back up.
  • Copy your config.php file in a safe place - ditto
  • Download the latest version of phpList - I have downloaded this but when I open the downloaded files there is no obvious next step to take
  • Overwrite all of the code of the current version with the new one. You can upload the “lists” directory and all it contains - no clue how to deal with code
  • Copy your config.php back - again no idea how to do this
  • Login to the phpList admin pages and click the “upgrade” link - haven’t even got this far obviously
  • Just to be sure, use the “Verify database structure” page to check that your database structure is correct

Hi @Cressida,
If you are interested in having someone do this for your, I provide ‘paid support’. Please contact me by private message if you are interested.
To do the upgrade yourself, you need to login to the cpanel of the server where it is hosted… it’s not possible to upgrade from the web phpList webpage that you are used to. The most recent version of phpList has that capability.

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Thanks Dan - well it’s either getting paid help or stopping using phplist! I’ll get back to you. Cressida

Hi Dan - I messaged you earlier, please can you reply at your earliest convenience? Thank you.

Is anyone else, @duncan for instance, available to help? We’re happy to pay! It’s rather urgent… Thank you, Cressida

I can help sure. Ping me later today.