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Upgrade Error - Who can fix this?

When I tried to upgrade, I received this message:

Updater is loading
Error: The following files are either not expected and should be removed, or are missing but required and should be put back in place

What should I do to fix it? Thank you.

Is the folder uploadimages missing~? If so, re-create it.

oh…where should it be?

does anyone know where it should be?

@motavi The updater does not allow additional files or directories to be present in the “lists” directory. If there is a directory “uploadimages” then you need to move it out while you do the upgrade. Then move it back.

ok will try that thank you!

that worked! thanks so much! so now I have to create that uploadimages directory in /lists again yes?

@motavi Do you actually use that directory for uploading images in the editor? If not then you can leave it outside the lists directory, and change this line in config.php

define('UPLOADIMAGES_DIR', '???');

thanks! appreciate the help - i dont know if i use that or not…