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Updater stuck at "Updater is loading." (3.4.2 - > 3.4.4)

I was trying to update from 3.4.2 to 3.4.4 using the auto-updater, but it is stuck at “Download” phase with “Updater is loading.” being the last status. The browser’s Console shows the following error message:
Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0
at JSON.parse ()
at XMLHttpRequest. ((index):893)

Any ideas how to proceed with this?

I am stuck at the same point. Also 3.4.2 to 3.4.4.
Webconsole says: “SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data”.

It happened when I entered a backup-directory that is write-protected, there is no way back.


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Is the database on the same version as the phpList version you are trying to upgrade from?

I don’t know. How do I check it?

If it isn’t you should see the message on the dashboard.

“Error: Your database is out of date, please make sure to upgrade”

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No, no such message there.

I assume you can log into your phpList installation, if this is the case, open up System on the left hand menu and click Upgrade phpList. You should see a report giving current database version as well

as phpList version.

Yes, I can login and use phpList normally. That page says:
Your database version: 3.4.2

What version of phpList is reported?

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You can also query the database directly to find this like: select * from phpList_config where item = 'version';

When @xheni is debugging such issues she always recommend checking actions.txt for understanding where the updater got stuck.

I did the update from hand, just copied the files, saved the config etc.

It is all up and running. I will look at actions.txt next time.


My actions.txt looks like this: