Updater - starting integrity check

i was trying to use the updater for the first time, on a sub-domain install. this message was displayed:

Starting integrity check
The following files are not expected or are required: 

I realize that I can adjust where some of those files are located, but my apache install requires a few of those… and some are going to come/go at times.

what’s the recommended method to work around this stop-point?

@splaquet Thanks for trying the automatic updater :slight_smile: The displayed files / dirs are not expected to be in the phpList directory. You can move the necessary files outside the phpList directory or delete them if you are sure that you don’t need them.
Alternatively, you can add your custom expected files here: https://github.com/phpList/Updater/blob/master/index.php#L160 , but please note that the updater updates itself as well at the end so you might need to apply these changes again for the next update.

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i realize that this has been marked as solved/resolved… but upon further review, i’d like to add in another .02

with the future movement of LetsEncrypt and SSL, i’d like to recommend adding the following 2 exceptions to the core.

Updater is loading.
The following files are not expected or are required: 
.well-known <-
cgi-bin <-

The well-known file has already been requested for whitelisting. I’m not sure about cgi-bin. Thoughts @xheni?

I all, many thank’s !
I’d vim updater/index.php to add .htaccess and images in function checkRequiredFiles() then I’d rm config/actions.txt then I reloaded the updater page in web browser, so it shows “Update to phpList 3.4.4 is available.” but when I click “Next” it still stops with :
Starting integrity check
Error: The following files are not expected or required. To continue please move or delete them.
Since there is no .htaccess at root (!?!?) nor images but lots of .htaccess and images in sub directories, the error message does not help to know which file(s) to delete.
Hope this helps and updater soon work fine :slight_smile:

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