Updater Problem

I tried to use the automatic updater but am getting this message:

Updater is loading.
Error: The following files are not expected or required. To continue please move or delete them.

I do not have any files or directories called “base”. I had noticed a directory called “base” in the download from sourceforge but did not install it. What else could be causing this issue?

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Welcome to the forums. One thing that will help you get a speedier resolution is to do a quick search in the forums using the magnifying glass option at the top of each page.

Updater Issues already answered


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Already did that and didn’t find an answer to my specific problem.

I ended up making an empty base directory in lists and then it worked. So if the error was that it wasn’t needed - why did it think it was there to begin with?

Hi, the error message is a bit confusing but it is supposed to tell you that either some files are not expected or some required ones are missing. This was the second case.
The error message has been modified on the last release to avoid confusion.