Updated to 3.4.3 Start New Campaign opens blank screen

The page as described in the manual with the three tabs (ie content) does not appear.

Recently updated to 3.4.3.

url address served is myDomain/phplist/public_html/lists/admin/?page=send

In Config.php
$pageroot = ‘/phplist/public_html/lists’

This doesn’t look correct. Is this the same value that you had before the upgrade? What ist the URL for accessing phplist?

http://PUBLIC_HTML ROOT DIR/phplist/public_html/lists/admin

Works fine. The original install was to PUBLIC ROOT DIRECT/phplist… Only after updating to v3 did it move to phplist/public_html/lists

@CAVUCO phplist wasn’t installed correctly originally. The “lists” directory should have been directly beneath the web root. The URL for the admin pages would have been


I’d be inclined to correct the directory layout now, rather than continue, but note that if you use click tracking then any links in campaigns already sent would then fail.
To correct the layout,

  • move the “lists” directory to the web root
  • set $pageroot = ‘/lists’ in config.php
  • on the Settings page, check the various URLs for subscribe etc as they might need to be changed.

I might have misunderstood your previous reply. Do you meant that phplist was accessed at mysite.com/phplist/admin
if so then you would need to rename “lists” to “phplist” after my instructions.

I may be getting a little confused.

When you say web root, do you mean

If this is the case, my phplist is running in


This is how the download installs it.

Are you suggesting I move the entire Lists folder to the webroot folder as above?

The initial install of v2 was in webroot/phplist. Your post above states it should be above public_html. Is that right?

I mean the file system directory that is the root of the web site. If you have cpanel or similar then it will be /home/xxx/public_html

The phplist distribution zip file has the structure public_html/lists which indicates that you should copy the “lists” directory to the web root directory, public_html is not intended to be part of the URL. See the installation instructions https://www.phplist.org/manual/ch028_installation.xhtml

I moved the entire new lists folder directly under the public_html folder and changed the entries in config.php to:

$pageroot = ‘/lists’;
$adminpages = ‘/lists/admin’;

My subscribers are all there, as are my old campaigns, but I still can not start a new campaign.

@CAVUCO So what is the URL that fails?

From the dashboard

From within the campaigns already ther, press Start New Campaign


@CAVUCO Just to confirm that URL is consistent with the URLs for all the other phplist pages? Also, that you did the database upgrade when upgrading to 3.2.0 and to the current release.

Can you see what is causing the blank page? If it is 500 error from the web server then the web server log or php error file might help. Sometimes there is a php error file in the lists/admin directory.

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If you mean the address, yes, all other menu items in the dashboard have the same directory path.

There are no error messages on the screen, just a blank page.
No error or err logs anywhere under /lists.

I see no error logs within WHM

My PHP version: 7.2.7

@CAVUCO Initially I thought it might be a 404 (page not found) because of the incorrect path. Can you confirm that it is not a 404 error?

Otherwise it is going to be a php error. If you can send me the phplist admin credentials then I can repeat the problem to see whether it gives any more information.

I messaged you privately

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I’ll assume this is resolved and mark the topic as such.

The “blank page” was caused by this problem of a fatal error not being shown by the Trevellin theme https://mantis.phplist.org/view.php?id=20028

There is a separate question of why the database had not been upgraded properly.

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I changed back to Dressprow and I get the same error message now.

The screen layout just changed too. Did my version get updated automatically?