Update phpList 2.11.9?¿

Hi there.
–––––– noticed that I have a very old version of phpList installed on our server. current version 2.11.9. Is it possible to update this to the current version or is it recommend to install a new version and import the lists and subscribers? would be very thankful for any help.
best, ingo

@ifprdsrocks I think that you have to upgrade to version 3.2.0 first, then you can upgrade to the latest release.

There is guidance on upgrading in the online manual Upgrading a manual ins... | phpList manual

thanks a million. –––– found the version 3.2.0 at sourceforge.
best, ingo

@duncanc thank you very much. ––––– updated to 3.2.0 and following to 3.6.8. ––––– worked fine.