Understanding the pageTitle's logic -- The default Menu


In understanding how the “menu” is constructued there’s the $GLOBALS[‘pagecategories’] array

$GLOBALS[‘pagecategories’] = array(
//# category title => array(
// toplink => page to link top menu to
// pages => pages in this category
‘dashboard’ => array(
‘toplink’=> ‘home’,
‘pages’ => array(),
‘menulinks’ => array(),
‘subscribers’ => array(
‘toplink’ => ‘list’,
‘pages’ => array(
- ‘users’,
- ‘usermgt’,
- ‘import’,
- ‘import1’,
- ‘import2’,
- ‘importsimple’,
- ‘dlusers’,
- ‘export’,
- ‘listbounces’,
- ‘massremove’,
- ‘suppressionlist’,
- ‘reconcileusers’,
- ‘usercheck’,
- ‘user’,
- ‘adduser’,
- ‘attributes’,

For the “Subscribers” section, the portion of the array shown above shows the “pages” (The menulinks portion isn’t shown… but it’s trivial in that it drives the menu/links for the Subscription section)

The issue/qualm I’m having with the pages section is a lack of understanding in how the “pages” items play in the overall menu process.

It appears that the “page” items are inserted/used in the array if the “item” is a part of the associated “pages” that are displayed via the “menulink”. Is this correct???

I’m not sure my understanding is solid, as the “page” item/list has a few items that I can’t find in any of the associated pages for the “Subscription” section…

These items are listed but not “apparent” in any of the associated pages


I can find the items in other parts of the codebase via searching…

Any pointers would be useful.

While I’m trying to get an understanding of the codebase for my own needs, I hope my questions will help others as well!


@tsmith Yes thanks for sharing your findings. @michiel may be able to help.