Understanding massdelete / blacklisting

Hi phpList,

I have a questions about subscriber management. I’ve read the doc section “Subscriber Dropdown Functionality”

In case of “massremove subscribers” (admin/?page=massremove): The blacklist entries will not be removed, is that right? Why should these entries remain in the database (phplist_user_blacklist, phplist_user_blacklist_data")? There ist no access from the admin backend to handle the blacklist, if a the subscriber is already deleted. You can only edit the db directly to get rif of them. Perhaps I miss the point.

I currently use v3.06

Hi, sounds like you read old docs to me. New doc’s are at www.phpList.org/manual

The blacklist keeps a list of people who have unsubscribed, so you cannot add them again by accident, or on purpose.

phpList is permission marketing, so if a subscriber says “don’t mail me” you don’t mail them. The blacklist is maintained so that if you delete the subscribers but then upload them again (happens all the time on my web-shop) they just appear as blacklisted again. This is really great cause it means you don’t have to worry about unsubscriptions at all, you can just slap up a new list with no risk of being marked as a spammer for emailing someone who asked to be removed.

They can be removed by subscribing again.