Understanding Auto Responder with Campaigns

I am confused between the Statistics of a Campaign and Auto Responders (Through plugin).

Shall I expect the Stats of Campaign differently from Auto Responders. If yes then how to check Stats of Auto REsponders.

I have sent some Auto Responders but its Stats is not appearing in Advanced Statistics Plugin While the Direct Campaigns Stats are showing there.

Question No:2 Can I reset all the Stats of Campaigns and Auto Responders, Click, Open, View etc?

@boxygen the Advanced Statistics plugin displays only campaigns whose status is “sent”.

The Autoresponder plugin will change a campaign’s status from “sent” to “submitted” when there is at least one subscriber ready to be sent the campaign, so will not then be selected by Advanced Statistics until the queue has been processed when the status should be set to “sent” again.

You cannot reset the opened and clicked statistics.

Thanks, One of the URL’s click are continuously not being updated in system. I personally checked from my own emails. But when clicked from the Email it is redirecting to proper page. Where Can I check the Redirection Settings in Database? or any other way to debug?

The tables are linktrack_forward, linktrack_ml, and linktrack_uml_click which are connected by the forward id. The latter two connect to to the message table, and the last one connects to the user table.

If the link in an email is working then the counts on linktrack_ml and linktrack_uml_click should be updated.