Unable to upload images "unknown error"

Running on Windows Server 2012, please do not tell me to use Linux, that doesn’t help.

I am having trouble with the image browser in the template manager.
I have added the path attribute to the config file to specify the path to the images folder. This got rid of the message that folder does not exist.
The image browser now works, but I cannot upload images, I just get “unknown error”, same if I hit the refresh button.
PHP has full rw access on the folder, this is evidenced by the fact that additional folders have been created by ckeditor, it has created an “image, .thumbs and busy” folder.
I notice it is the “image” folder it actually browses and not the folder I specified in the config.
If I place images manually into this folder, then they show up in the browser, but no thumbnail.

bump!!! anyone ? I cannot be the only one with this issue surely.

What do you mean by this? There should be an image folder, and a .thumbs folder, but what is “busy”? The plugin does use the value specified in Settings

so if that is not taking effect then it might be a pointer to the problem with uploading.

Which version of phplist and of the CKEditor plugin are you using? Unfortunately I’ve no way of trying to reproduce the problem.

The file uploading and browsing is done by a separate package, KCFinder. I did a quick search but couldn’t find any specific problems concerning Windows Server.