Unable to send emails after upgrade to 3.2.1

Dear Friends, need some urgent help.

I have just upgraded to phplist v3.2.1. Post upgrade, none my emails are been processed in the campaign queue. I have rescheduled the campaign few times and nothing happens to the queue.

Can someone please advise how to resolve this issue? We need to send urgent campaign by close of business Thursday.

Thanks in advance.

What timezone are you in? It’s 12 noon here in UK, I worry about you getting this fixed in time. How many subscribers do you have on this list?

Hello There, I am in UK TimeZone. We are having approx. 1400 in the mailing list.


Ok, well you can wait for help here (I have no idea by the way) But I would suggest that if your send is urgent you make some backup plan. You could send from www.phpList.com for $5.00, for example. Hopefully your issue will be fixed, but it’s not good to rely on free support for urgent mail I guess

We are from a small charity organisation and cant really afford paid service.

Will have to wait for others to respond and help.


Cool, well, hopefully someone will get back to you :smile: Sorry I can’t be more help

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Can someone please help us?


@sriharign Can you provide some more information about what you have done and what is not working?
Which release of phplist did you upgrade from?
How are you processing the message queue - using the browser or a cron job?
If you use the browser then what is displayed by phplist when it processes the queue? If you use a cron job then check that it is still running and review its output.
Have you looked at the event log for any problems reported there?