Unable to send Campaigns

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Hello, I’m new to PHPList. Just installed it today.
I’ve set it up and in the Config > Checklist I have all green status checkmarks and it says “Congratulations, phpList is set up, you are ready to start mailing” but when I try to send a campaign nothing gets sent.
I’ve signed up for Amazon AWS and have added a credit card and chosen the Free plan. I also verified my domain and setup DKIM and created Access Key
Steps I’ve taken to troubleshoot:

  • I’ve installed the Amazon SES plugin and added the access key and ID in the configuration page
  • I read similar posts on this forum and made sure that in config TEST was set to 0.
  • I’ve set CRON job to * * * * * instead of the default 11 45 * * *
  • if I go to the LOG it says:
    MailSender http code: 403, result: Sender OptInRequired The AWS Access Key Id needs a subscription for the service

The strange thing is that I did create the AWS access key and created a subscription plan and gave them my credit card so I’m at a loss

@marcnyc it looks like your account setup is not complete

I did find that post and have done all the steps (verified by phone).
What else can I do?
Do I have to wait for them to do something?

Thank you @duncanc - you were right, I received an email the next day from Amazon saying my account was now active (took almost 24 hours)… after that I had to open a case to get the account out of sandbox so I could actually send emails (because they were still failing and I goggled it and found this thing about the sandbox process). Just letting everyone know in case they come across this post.