Unable to remove the text from the free templates?

currently i am using the add to calender plugin in my web site,by using that plugin i can add the event to my calender but while adding the event,it is giving some text like powered by free template.(here i was
expose_php = Off in configuration file)
how can i remove the text,any suggestions???

You want to remove the powerd by phpList logo? Well, I aint gonna help you do that :stuck_out_tongue: That’s the logo which spreads the word about our amazing open source project :smiley:

The problem I have with the logo is that its an http: link and it breaks my https: secure page (the browser indicates that part of the page is insecure). At least change that to inspire confidence when people go to sign up for a newsletter!

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mmm, yes, I agree. Can you report that as a bug? The directions are are here https://www.phplist.org/development/#bugreport

I might be missing some feature here to resolve this, but to me, this looks like it needs fixing :smile:


I couldn’t find anything similar on mantis so I reported it as a new issue. https://mantis.phplist.org/view.php?id=17781

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You can work around the problem in two ways.
Use page text credits instead of the image credits


or, if you really do want the phplist image to be displayed on the public page then enable register in config.php so that phplist gets the image from phplist.com, not from your phplist installation.

define ("REGISTER",1);


I can confirm that


does solve the SSL mixed security error by removing the insecure image.


define ("REGISTER",1);

does not solve the problem: The image source is http instead of https.

define ("REGISTER",0); 

does solve the problem; the image is fetched locally from a relative path so it follows the mode of the parent page.

[edited to add register,0 fix]

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thanks for reporting :smile: