Unable to Generate Bounce Rules

I’m trying to set up bounce management in phpList 3.5.1. I think I have things configured correctly, but when I go to System -> Manage bounces and click Generate Bounce Rules I am taken to a page that says


  • 0 new rules found
  • 0 bounces not matched
  • 0 bounces matched to existing rules

I’m using phpList 3.5.1 and Firefox 72.0.2.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a reportable bug?


@vonCorax that processing looks at existing bounces to generate new rules. It looks like you do not have any bounces to be processed.

You might want to add some rules that are shown in the online manual https://www.phplist.org/manual/books/phplist-manual/page/bounce-management see the section “rules to copy”.

@duncanc I was expecting Generate Bounce Rules to bootstrap a set of rules, so maybe this is a documentation issue. It would also be useful if the manual provided some information on the regex syntax in use. Is it PCRE, POSIX or something else?