Unable to enable Common Plugin

Hi there. I’ve installed https://github.com/bramley/phplist-plugin-common but am unable to enable it - I get:

Dependency checkPlugin can not be enabled.
Failure on system requirement phpList must use mysqli (not mysql)

I’m running phpList version 3.3.1; git says “Dependencies
This plugin is for phplist 3.0.0 and later. For phplist versions prior to 3.2.5 phplist must use the mysqli database extension (not mysql).”

Am I missing something?

@webby7097 There is a setting in config.php for $database_module.

It looks like you have set that to “mysql” but it needs to be “mysqli”.

Thank you, I checked - it’s set to use mysqli. But since my version is post 3.2.5 - should that matter?

@webby7097 As you are using 3.3.1 then phplist should either warn or stop you installing if the database module is not mysqli.

I don’t understand why the dependency check is failing, unless you have two lines in config.php. Is this exactly the line in config.php

$database_module = "mysqli.inc";

The exact db set lines are

#$database_module = “mysql.inc”;
$database_module = “mysqli.inc”;

I did a find on the file and there are no duplicate lines.

Appreciate your help here, is there anything else you can suggest I check?

Wow, found the problem, it was my end (of course)! Thanks again for your help.