Unable to access admin area after softaculous install: /admin/?page=home does not load

newly installed phplist with softaculous, all took place without errors, but when I try to enter the area of administration with this address:

not load the admin area, not Understand what might be happening
I’m worried, I searched different places to solve the problem but can not find anything, that here are some experts on the subject and maybe you deign to help me.

when clic on login icon
appear this url but not load nothing.

thank you for your help!!

What is your setting for $pageroot in config.php file?

this is pageroot in config.php

$pageroot = ‘/phplist’;

thank you for your help!!

friend, give me another clue as to fix ?

Try reinstalling the admin directory, could be something as simple as one or more corrupted files from when you originally uploaded. Do it manually rather then via softaculous to be sure, or check that all the files in the admin directory are present (compare with downloaded files). https://www.phplist.org/download-phplist/

I followed the steps shown in this guide:


but now when I try following directory appears:

the log phplist and a buttom logout.

this is config.php

what is your Mysql database server hostname

$database_host = “localhost”;

what is the name of the database we are using

$database_name = “querelaj_tublist”;

what user has access to this database

$database_user = “querelaj_tublist”;

and what is the password to login to control the database

$database_password = 'xxxxxxxxxxxx

you may converse in an email?

I deleted this, please change the password, anyone who saw it can hack your account x

Thank You Anna,
Not problem, the domain not is my real domain, is only a example but thank you for you comment , you can helpme whit my problem?

not an expert myself, I would ask your host what

needs to be set as.

Also, have you considered using phplist.com, self-hosting is quite expert :confused:

Thanks Anna, I will try what you mention, very friendly. :smiley:

someone else had the same problem? and he has solved?
with the hosting of phplist would come very expensive if you have many subscribers.

Glad to see your posts.
Thanks for sharing your information.

well, it’s not really the hosting you are paying for, it’s the deliverability work. If you have lots of subscribers you really need to have specialist help one way or another, because you will simply get a blacklisted ip.

Did you get anywhere with your server on


What do you mean by

Did you see another issue somewhere? AFAIK this is an unusual issue.

Thanks Anna, I tell you that achieves fix the problem, reinstall php and problem solved.

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