Two phplist installations in the same hosting

I’m trying to install 2 phpList in the same hosting.
The first one is up and running, the folder “lists” is placed into the root and the primary domain is associated with the hosting.
To install the second one I’ve added a new domain, with the function “domain add-on” of the hosting, I’ve created a specific folder where I’ve placed the “lists” folder, created the database and done everything regularly, the result of this second installation is a blank page…
I thought it was like two wordpress installation but maybe I’m wrong… Does phpList work only with primary domains?
Which is the problem for you all?
Thanks in advance!

No, phpList works well if you wish to have more than one install in one domain.

Simply call the second install directory something other than lists.
Then add the following to your config/config.php file
$pageroot = ‘/lists’; and change lists to the name of your new directory. Then simply create your second phpList installation.


Simple and effective…
Thank you very much, I’m feeling so dumb… LOL

The installation was fine but there is this red line above the page “The pageroot in your config does not match the current locationCheck your config file.”


My fault… all done, thanks a lot!

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