Trying to tie a RSS feed to a list


I’m new to phplist, and I’m trying to tie a RSS feed to a list in order to send regular updates to my subscribers.

I’m using phplist 3.2.4, php 5.5.9, and I’ve installed phplist in

I’ve added to my config.php file these entries:

And I’ve changed the value of this entry:

The issue is that, when I’m editing a list, I don’t see the “RSS Source” field that I should see according to this documentation:

Thanks for your kind help, best regards :slight_smile:

@sijord The documentation that you are looking at is for phplist 2. Most of that is still valid but not that for RSS. You want to use the RSS Feed plugin, see for all plugins.

Thank you, @duncanc. I’ll try that plugin at once :smile: