Trying to install 3.3 - user/password

I’m struggling to install phplist 3.3
I create a new DB
add the database user and his password
I initialize the DB then I get to dashboard
I’ve given another username/password along the way
dashboard asks for username/password
neither combination works
I’ve recreated the DB/DB user a couple times, always get to this and then BOOM
Any ideas?

When installing, as I remember, you have to specify your username and password to log in to phpList (Usually admin).

If that doesn’t work or you can’t remember exactly what you’ve used to log into phplist, you can go to phpmyadmin and look at the database for phplist_user and see what you’ve set as username and if necessary, change your password there.

So it is definitely looking for the phplist DB user name/password.
I’ll go back through the process from scratch

Okay, so have you put that into the config/config.php file? (NOT the config_extended.php file).

yes. I’ve attached a jpg of the form I’m presented with