Trying to get Amazon SES working, something is wrong

I’m trying to get phpList working with Amazon SES. When I try to send a test mail the page stops loading after the headline. There is nothing in the Log of events. I do not know where else to look for clues. I do not know very much PHP (I do my programing in Perl). I have my own VPS with root. Sending worked previously when i used my own SMTP server.

Current config:

Also does phpList use the AWS SES API or SES SMTP?

Any help is appreciated.

@dubidubno Your configuration is to send using the SES API. That needs the curl extension, so check whether your php includes that.

Installing php5-curl on Debian did the trick. Why phpList did not give an error message when curl was missing, I do not understand. It is easy to test for with a construct like

echo 'Curl: ', function_exists('curl_version') ? 'Enabled' : 'Disabled';

Should I file a bug report?

@dubidubno phplist already does that but you bypassed the check of curl being installed by defining USE_AMAZONSES. Without that phplist would have have used the other ways of sending.
The documentation probably needs updating to explain this more clearly.

Why is the check for curl bypassed when USE_AMAZONSES is defined?

@dubidubno phplist defines USE_AMAZONSES if all the criteria are met. You are not meant to define it yourself.
By all means raise a bug if you want to.

Oh, I see. The page I read said to set it. That explains it.