Translate in Campaign started

I put the line in config.php:

$ default_system_language = 'pt_BR';

But the campaign start and end emails I receive are in English

the lines are:
715 and 716 of processqueue.php

You may have other translations to make in this file.

How can I do this translation?


@kklo I’m not sure if those messages are translatable yet. Hopefully someone else is more familiar with the matter.


But the translation appears in all localized language translations in …/admin/locate/…, but why not?

it seems that there is a bug here

@kklo So the string which should be translated, but is not, is: s('phplist has started sending the campaign with subject %s' ?

All possible translation strings of this file and none are translated. I gave an example of line 715 and 716

no help? or do I consider it a bug?