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The server didn't reply with a proper XML data


I have a problem with images download. Yesteday i upgrade phplist v to 3.2.5 and now, when try upload images, get a mistake: The server didn’t reply with a proper XML data. Please check your configuration.
All of this : i did, but my problem is here yet(((
What have me do ? Help me please!!!


@katti You should try using CKEditor instead. On the Manage Plugins page disable fckeditor and then enable CKEditor.
Also, ensure that you have set the image upload directory correctly, see


Thank you, duncanc!! I ll try to do it today!

from Moscow with love…


well, CKEditor is workes, but now I have another question - how to change the directory for uploaded images? what should be the correct entry here: UPLOADIMAGES_DIR?
I change its so:
but CKEditor uploading images only to mysite/images/ - here it create a folder image
What i do no correctly?


@katti If you set


then the editor will store images in the directory /var/www/login/data/www/mysite/lists/images/image
But that directory holds phplist images. It is better to have a dedicated directory for only your uploaded images, e.g.


will store images in /var/www/login/data/www/mysite/upload/image


Thank you, duncanc! I did it!
life has become easier…
a little thing: it was necessary to transfer information from one file (config_extended.php) to another (config.php)


Yes, that is correct.

Config.php vs config-extended.php