Testing # of messages in a given time period - freezes after 2 emails

We are in the middle of testing phpList. We are in the process of testing the number of messages based on our settings entered for mail queue batch size and mail queue batch period. We have our setting set to the following: 1 email every 60 seconds. We receive the first email right away, we then receive a second email 5 minutes later. After the second email, our batch freezes up and no more messages are received.

Here’s our settings within the config.php file:


// define the length of one batch processing period, in seconds (3600 is an hour)


// to avoid overloading the server that sends your email, you can add a little delay

// between messages that will spread the load of sending

// you will need to find a good value for your own server

// value is in seconds, and you can use fractions, eg “0.5” is half a second

// (or you can play with the autothrottle below)

define(‘MAILQUEUE_THROTTLE’, 1.00);

Question: Say we have it set up to send 100 emails every hour, do we have to set up the cron job to hit every hour if we want to send 500 emails in 5 hours?.