Template file not found

where are located the templates I uploaded?
I have to modify the body style, but on option in editor, it only show me the content.
Thank you

@BLKY In the editor you need to use the Source button in order to edit the raw html.

thank you,
that’s the point, body doesn’t appear.
Sorry, I wrote: > but on html option in editor, it only show me the content
(html didn’t appear because of brackets).

@BLKY Which editor are you using, fckeditor? My recollection is that fckeditor does remove some parts of an html page.

If you are using fckeditor then I recommend switching to CKEditor. You can do that on the plugins page by disabling fckeditor and enabling CKEditor.

yes, I use FCK on phplist 2.10.17. No way to change editor, right?! I will have to install recent version of PHPList, but too late for this time.
Thank you for your help.

ok, done,
I installed latest version without problem, and selected FCE editor. Now I see body tag in html mode.
Thank you for your help!