Taking account blacklist

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How do I remove an account that is blacklisted in phplist ?

Thank you very much.

Under your admin pages, select Manage Subscribers, tick the box by Show Blacklisted and click Go, then click the trash bin icon beside the resulting emails.

Performed this procedure however he removed the phplist account, I need only remove the blacklist without removing the phplist.

Sorry but what do you mean?

Sorry for my English
The email account has been removed from phplist and not removed from the blacklist.
Add the account again in phplist and still blacklisted.

Ahh, I think I understand now. The only way to remove a email from the blacklist used to be you had to go into the database and manually delete it.

Thanks to @duncanc this is now doable via his excellent Subscribers’ Plugin, note that you will also need the latest version of his Common Plugin as well.

Both of these can be found at https://resources.phplist.com/plugins/start and can be installed through your Plugin page in the admin section of your phpList installation. I’d suggest you install the Common plugin first to avoid any issues.

@vmayrink @Dragonrider You remove a subscriber from the blacklist through the subscriber profile page. Then click the History button. On the Subscription tab there will be a way to remove him from the blacklist.

This history function only appears after installing the plugins?

thank you , I could remove the blacklist

Thanks, I also solved my problem with your help, reading this.