Tag not working

I am using the autoresponder plugin and each of the 15 autoresponders starts with:
Dear [FirstName],
However, after the first two autoresponders fired off with the correct name, the rest of them are delivered with the tag in brackets, not the name.
When i go back and send a test email, the tag works.
Any clue?

@DanOShea Just to be clear, you mean that there are 15 autoresponder campaigns, not just one autoresponder campaign being sent to 15 subscribers?

If so, then are the multiple autoresponder campaigns being sent by the phplist processqueue page in the same run, or in different runs of processqueue?

Thanks for replying.

Yes, 15 autoresponder campaigns, with 7 subscribers.

Same page if that’s what you mean, showing up on “Manage Autoresponders” as 15 campaigns set at different intervals after subscription. They all fired off very well, great appearance, only that after campaign two, the placeholder [FirstName] shows as that, instead of an actual name.

I checked all the subscribers and their names are there. I sent a test on one that shows the placeholder and when received, the tag did convert to a name.

If you mean cron, below are my crons (with …path… replacing part of the path):
*/5 * * * *
/opt/alt/php70/usr/bin/php -q /…path…/public_html/campaigns/admin/index.php -p processqueue -c /home/digdevdi/public_html/campaigns/config/config.php >/dev/null 2>&1

51 17 * * *
/usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/php -d disable_functions="" “/usr/local/cpanel/…path…/softaculous”/cli.php --backup --auto=1 --insid=55_99875

0 3 * * *
/opt/alt/php70/usr/bin/php -q /…path…/public_html/campaigns/admin/index.php -p processbounces -c /…path…/public_html/campaigns/config/config.php >/dev/null 2>&1 /home/digdevdi/logs/bounce.log

By the way, I created a campaign template for my signature instead of having the signature in each campaign within the content.

Could applying the template break the placeholder?

@DanOShea I was wondering whether two autoresponders were being sent in the same run of processqueue. But from the screenshot that doesn’t look to be the case, as the timestamps are about one hour apart.

I have tried to reproduce the problem but in my test the placeholders were always replaced. If you can give me temporary access to your phplist then I can take a look. To do that click my name or image.

@DanOShea There is a formatting error in the later messages whereby the placeholder includes some html tags

In the first two campaigns the placeholders are correct


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Wow, I’m kind of embarrassed I didn’t check the source code! Thank you!

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