System throws a warning that I need to upgrade - but I already have (v3.6.10)

I upgraded PHPList a bit ago (from 3.6.9), using the auto-updater. But since then it has been showing a warning message that I should update from 3.6.9 to 3.6.10. But, errr… it shows that I am running 3.6.10 already, in the Version string at the bottom of the page.


@J8334SWC The version in the page footer refers to the phplist code. The upgrade error is for upgrading the database. That has always been a separate step.

Ah, thanks for responding. Makes sense, mostly… why didn’t it upgrade the DB whilst upgrading the PHPList code, though?

I was able to go through backing up the DB and doing the upgrade. I think it worked… it went very quickly - no progress messages, just ‘success’.