Subscription Failure returns

We are running phpList v3.2.4 and have started having this issue. When someone tries to subscribe, they receive a screen with the following:

Sorry. Sending the email to request your confirmation failed. Please click “Reload” (or the “BACK” button on your browser) to try again. If it still does not work, it may be because you are inadvertantly on an exclusionary list; which means that you cannot receive emails from our newsletter system. If you receive this message again, please contact our administrator at: onlinesubscriptionmanager@*.com. We will investigate and re-contact you.

I saw that this was solved in v3.2.3 but since it is back, I am seeking advice. It seems the lists send just find but when someone tries to subscribe, it gives this error.

I have also been trying to determine why the begin sending and end sending confirmation emails aren’t being sent to our list administrators. I suppose it could be they are both trying the same setting that is failing. Any help would be much appreciated.

Doug Davis

One more question, how do we change the onlinesubscriptionmanager@***.com to something real? It is so bad to have an error and even the error has an error.


Never seen this before! Hold tight, I am sure one of the clever folk will some and say hi :smile:

I am still battling this problem. The system doesn’t even attempt to send the confirmation email out. I can’t tell if it’s a php setting or a server function. We are using an external email server to send through and i have verified that it correctly sends the email blasts as scheduled. Any help would be much appreciated!!

Hey, how many subscribers do you have? I can get you a quote for .com if you like. It sounds to me like your system isn’t configured right - might be better just to use the out-of-the-box hosted service :smile:

We chose to add it to our own site since we wanted to stop paying others to handle it. Everything was working fine until the last update. I will be digging in to see what changed in the configs that would cause it to go silent. I like the long-term cost of $0 per month better than paying someone for a hosted service.

The problem is that using phpList self hosted can’t be done for “zero cost” - even for a small time sender you should anticipate to spend some money on paid support, plus a significant amount of time (is money…) on deliverability, bounce processing and maintenance.

I am a small business owner and while I am capable of hosting phpList myself, I have always used a hosted service. My lists and campaigns are valuable to me, the time I would need to spend dealing with hosting is much much better spent on customer facing tasks :smile: But that’s just my humble opinion :wink:

Good points made about hosting - however the question was never answered…what seems to be the problem here?