Subscribing to email-based class

Hello Everyone.

I offer a workshop via email where the subscriber gets an email each week for ten weeks.

When they subscribe, the email shows up the next morning.

This is was marketing people would call a drip campaign, only this is a class / workshop, not marketing.

I’ve tried to keep the description simple. People pay for an email a week for 10 weeks, from any point they want to start. It should be automated from snout to tail.

Can phplist do this?

Thanks for reading!

Me again. I kept digging and it seems this plugin is required and isn’t available on phpList service yet / right now.

I’ll keep poking around, but this looks like the end of the line for this project. I’ve been out of the newsletter game for…gah, a long time…but these email classes were great money makers. I figured these days with “blog to book” and all the non-fiction book marketing schemes out there, this would be very popular.

Cartoon Studies had a workshop run this way - recently dropped it for a web page. I wonder why my clients want this and nobody else does. Oh, the things I don’t understand…

If anyone finds a way around all these obstacles, please advise.

Thank you all, again.

You should raise a request with to add the plugin.

The plugin would cause the campaign to be sent a specified period after subscribing, not at a certain time of day. That might be important for you.

Thanks, Dunanc.

For my purposes, the timing would be fine. It could be sent quickly - never anything wrong with speedy delivery, right? Thanks for pointing that out.

I’ll try requesting the plugin.

Thank you.