Subscribing returning an error


I have implemented the Subscribe form on my website but every time I try to subscribe I receive the following error: “Sorry, we were unable to process your subscription.”
While when looking at the Admin Panel I do manage to see the subscribed email.
If the subscription works. Why am I getting this error? I have made no modifications to any of the scripts provided by phpList.

You can find my page online here:

Thank you very much for the help.

@moris You need to use the “asubscribe” page not “subscribe” in the phplist URL.

Hi @duncans, Thank you for replying.
I have no idea what “asubscribe” page means, I am not using any URL, I am using the AJAX method.
I managed to fix it just now by changing this value from 11 to 1: name=“list[1]”

Do you know how can I modify the script so once a user subscribes he’ll be automatically assigned to a List? because currently he is not being assigned to any.

Thank you very much!

@moris this is explained in the online manual see “add an ajax subscribe box”.

Do you know how can I make it work with jQuery v3? It does seem to work only with jQuery 1.4.