Subscribers Update Preferences without asterisk (*)

Hi, my name is Michael and I am new to phplist.

Right now I’m setting up a new newsletter system for a customer. The first newsletter to come is what we now experience daily in the EU–a confirmation request for old subscribers.

So I’ll be sending a newsletter mail with a request to ‘Say Yes’ once more which I realise with the [PREFERENCESURL] link. The willing subscriber is beeing led to a subscription fotm where his email adress is still recognised–which is what makes it easeier for him. BUT: the adress is partly masked with asterisks (c*******

Is there any way to display the email plain?

Welcome to the forums and phpList Michael.

I think that the masked email is actually the whole point of the confirmation email. It’s obviously being sent to that email, but the idea is that hopefully, only the receiver will be able to confirm the actual address, making it more likely that the person confirming that they still want to receive your emails, is genuine.

Yes. I agree that it is a feature and not a bug.
But I guess it somehow it could be switches off.
Anyway, the basic challenge–to get recepients from an old list to confirm their account in phplist–is very close to be solved, simply by upgrading to 3.3.3 and its feature to ‘invite’ users.
So long

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Any way to not masked with asterisks?

Many Thanks