Subscribers plugin not doing 'unblacklist' function

Name: Subscribers Plugin
version: 2.6.2+20160603
Description: Provides pages for advanced searching, subscriber history, subscriptions, and subscriber commands.
installed: 2016-06-08

‘Subscriber commands’ function to ‘unblacklist’ a series of subscriber email addresses is not working. In fact, none of the functions on this page seem to work. Any suggestions.

@pwcrep What actually happens when you click the Apply button on the second page?

The response page comes back without error and displays:

I would also point out that merely listing the 'blacklist'
subscribers using the search or the plug-in's advanced search does
not display these specific subscriber emails either.  You have to do
a 'Subscriber History' search with the 'contains blacklist' in order
to get ALL the blacklisted subscribers. 

In examining the individual subscriber records I can see that those
with a bounce count > 0 are NOT being listed on the search
results pages.  The ones missing from the search results listing
(and that I cannot 'unblacklist') all have a bounce count == 1 and
were blacklisted by a bounce rule.  Only those with a bounce count
== 0 seem to be listed.

I would have thought that ANY subscriber record (regardless of
bounce count) marked as 'blacklisted' would qualify when those
records are to be listed or otherwise processed.

Thank you for your quick response!!!


@ your reply is weirdly formatted and didn’t show the result of the Apply button. Please can you try again?

You should be returned to the first page with a message shown in a black box, which disappears after about 5s.
Subscribers unblacklisted: n

The Advanced Search uses the blacklisted field on the user table, nothing else. A value of 1 means the subscriber is blacklisted, a value of 0 means that he is not.

You might be using the wrong blacklist rule. You should use the rule to blacklist the subscriber, not blacklist the email address. The latter does not affect the user table.

The distinction beween blacklisting a user and blacklisting an email is a bit muddled, so I recommend only using the former.

Sorry - I tried to add in a screen shot of the result of the
processing and it looked good on my end when sending it. It
obviously didn’t come through. In any case, the result screen does
come back with the message ‘Subscribers unblacklisted: 0’ and then
disappears shortly after that.

I did (incorrectly) blacklist the email and not the subscriber. 
That might explain what is going on.

But when I look at the search results I can see that the blacklist
indicator for ALL the record is set to 'Yes' regardless of being
email vs subscriber. 

What is the difference between blacklisting a subscriber vs an
email?  I thought that the email address WAS the key for the
subscriber thus making them the SAME!  Obviously not!

I guess the thing I am going to have to do is to export the
subscribers effected, delete the records entirely and re-import them
to establish them again?  Am I on the right track?


I think that the record of the email being blacklisted remains after you delete a subscriber. Probably the simplest solution is to delele records from the user_blacklist and user_blacklist_data tables directly using phpmyadmin. If your original intention was to remove them from blacklist then that will do it.

Yes, after examining the tables involved, I agree that the PMA
approach is appropriate. What I was concerned about was any ripple
effect deleting rows from user_blacklist and user_blacklist_data
might have. You have basically confirmed that is no
interdependencies with other tables. Thank you.

However, the question remains for me is why there is an ability to
apply a bounce rule that allows adding an email address to these
tables without setting the 'blacklist' column of user_user to 1 or
'YES'???  Surely this is a 'bug' and not a 'feature'????

Thanks for your prompt assistance with this.  You have provided me
with the assistance I needed to solve my immediate issue.


The rules for unconfirm subscriber etc are what you want. Those for email are not really useful, so it is more of a problem with the documentation not explaining that.

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At your suggestion, I have removed the blacklisted email addresses
from ‘user_blacklist’ and ‘user_blacklist_data’ using phpMyAdmin
which has corrected my original issue.

I have also adjusted our documentation to note that the rule actions
pertaining to 'email addresses' are to be avoided.

Thank you for your help.