Subscriber Validation

I have almost 1700 subscribers on my list. I imported all but a few, which were added on via the last week or two through my signup form.

I just sent a newsletter that only went to 20 people out of the 1700. The system says the remaining emails are invalid. I worked at it a bit trying to figure out what was wrong, and thought I’d solved the problem using the Reconcile to all the lists and making everyone confirmed to a list. I then resent the email, and again the same number of emails were invalidated even though I’d confirmed them to the list before sending.

Any thoughts on what I need to do next? I’ve put in a request to support for help, but was hoping someone might have had a similar issue that they could advise me on. I did a search and came up with nothing that seemed to meet my needs.


I experienced a similar issue on a much smaller scale, only 2 subscribers were affected…

Discovered the culprit was an invisible character that somehow crept into the email field. It was next to the “@” symbol in the email address. These subscribers had been imported months earlier and had previously been sent test and live campaigns.

This may not be the same problem but you may want to check your data for corruption.


Thanks Jay, It was actually the way I pulled the data into my csv file. I didn’t split out two fields. shaking head and pinching nose with fingers

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Glad you got it sorted out, bad data can ruin your day… :confused: