Subscriber Segmentation - Openers / non openers

Hi all,

I remember there being a way whether it be a plugin or a default setting in PHPList that would allow you to view subscribers that have not opened an email in the past X days and for the life of me I can’t remember where or how to go about doing this.

Is/was there a special plugin to accomplish this, if so, does anyone know what one?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

@n0xr0x You might be referring to the Subscribers plugin which has an “inactive subscribers” report. That lists subscribers who have not opened any campaign that was sent to them within the past N days. See plugin:subscribers [phpList Resources]

There is also the Segment plugin, which is used when you compose a campaign.

You can create a condition of having opened/ not opened a campaign sent in the past 7 days/month/ 3 months, then see who the campaign would be sent to.

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That’s it!

Thank you so much!