Subscriber email address change by admin

Is it not possible for an admin (or how?) to make a change to a subscriber’s email address? Seems like a simple action, but my admins have asked and even as a super admin, I don’t seem to have that edit access to subscriber info. I must be missing something.

search for the subscriber, and then you can change the email address.

“Subscribers”, “Search subscribers”, lookup the email address, and on the next page you can update the email address. Click on “Save” at the bottom of the page.

Not always, unfortunately. With some records the change will not save.

That does happen when you try to change a subscriber’s email address to one that already exists. My recollection is that phplist does not handle that correctly and just treats it as if the update was successful, which it wasn’t.

Hmm. Perhaps that’s it, although I’m fairly sure it was happening even for email that didn’t exist. Thanks for the quick reply!