Subscribe pages disappeared after updating to 3.3.1

I just updated to 3.3.1 using the following steps as directed:

  1. I copied the entire lists folder to replace my existing lists folder
  2. I replaced the new config.php file with my original config.php file.

After doing this my Subscribe page is gone! The title of the page is displayed in the Dashboard, but when I try to view it it comes up blank! If I try to edit it in the dashboard, the page I created before is not there and it is as if I am creating a new page, but even if I do, when I try to view it it simply isn’t there! What do I do?

I’m sure this probably has something to do with .htaccess – I’m sure the original was overwritten when I updated the entire folder, but I don’t know what the original looked like. Can somebody help me figure this out, please?

Update: I have tried removing the .htaccess file and am still unable to load the Subscribe file at that location. However, I have started putting breakpoints into the index.php file and I see it is processing. I will continue trying to debug the file – it seems there is probably something misconfigured somewhere that is preventing the index.php file from loading the correct data.